Opcode Reference Chart

This is an opcode reference chart for on-calculator programming and/or size optimizations.

Rows are first nibble, columns are second.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
0 nop ld bc,xx ld (bc),a inc bc inc b dec b ld b,x rlca ex af,af' add hl,bc ld a,(bc) dec bc inc c dec c ld c,x rrca
1 djnz x ld de,xx ld (de),a inc de inc d dec d ld d,x rla jr x add hl,de ld a,(de) dec de inc e dec e ld e,x rra
2 jr nz,x ld hl,xx ld (xx),hl inc hl inc h dec h ld h,x daa jr z,x add hl,hl ld hl,(xx) dec hl inc l dec l ld l,x cpl
3 jr nc,x ld sp,xx ld (xx),a inc sp inc (hl) dec (hl) ld (hl),x scf jr c,x add hl,sp ld a,(xx) dec sp inc a dec a ld a,x ccf
4 ld b,b ld b,c ld b,d ld b,e ld b,h ld b,l ld b,(hl) ld b,a ld c,b ld c,c ld c,d ld c,e ld c,h ld c,l ld c,(hl) ld c,a
5 ld d,b ld d,c ld d,d ld d,e ld d,h ld d,l ld d,(hl) ld d,a ld e,b ld e,c ld e,d ld e,e ld e,h ld e,l ld e,(hl) ld e,a
6 ld h,b ld h,c ld h,d ld h,e ld h,h ld h,l ld h,(hl) ld h,a ld l,b ld l,c ld l,d ld l,e ld l,h ld l,l ld l,(hl) ld l,a
7 ld (hl),b ld (hl),c ld (hl),d ld (hl),e ld (hl),h ld (hl),l halt ld (hl),a ld a,b ld a,c ld a,d ld a,e ld a,h ld a,l ld a,(hl) ld a,a
8 add a,b add a,c add a,d add a,e add a,h add a,l add a,(hl) add a,a adc a,b adc a,c adc a,d adc a,e adc a,h adc a,l adc a,(hl) adc a,a
9 sub b sub c sub d sub e sub h sub l sub (hl) sub a sbc a,b sbc a,c sbc a,d sbc a,e sbc a,h sbc a,l sbc a,(hl) sbc a,a
A and b and c and d and e and h and l and (hl) and a xor b xor c xor d xor e xor h xor l xor (hl) xor a
B or b or c or d or e or h or l or (hl) or a cp b cp c cp d cp e cp h cp l cp (hl) cp a
C ret nz pop bc jp nz,xx jp xx call nz,xx push bc add a,x rst 00h ret z ret jp z,xx xxBITxx call z,xx call xx adc a,x rst 08h
D ret nc pop de jp nc,xx out (x),a call nc,xx push de sub x rst 10h ret c exx jp c,xx in a,(x) call c,xx xxIXxx sbc a,x rst 18h
E ret po pop hl jp po,xx ex (sp),hl call po,xx push hl and x rst 20h ret pe jp (hl) jp pe,xx ex de,hl call pe,xx xx80xx xor x rst 28h
F ret p pop af jp p,xx di call p,xx push af or x rst 30h ret m ld sp,hl jp m,xx ei call m,xx xxIYxx cp x rst 38h

xx80xx (ED)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
4 in b,(c) out (c),b sbc hl,bc ld (xx),bc neg retn im 0 ld i,a in c,(c) out (c),c adc hl,bc ld bc,(xx) neg reti ld r,a
5 in d,(c) out (c),d sbc hl,de ld (xx),de neg retn im 1 ld a,i in e,(c) out (c),e adc hl,de ld de,(xx) neg retn im 2 ld a,r
6 in h,(c) out (c),h sbc hl,hl ld (xx),hl neg retn rrd in l,(c) out (c),l adc hl,hl ld hl,(xx) neg retn rld
7 in f,(c) out (c),0 sbc hl,sp ld (xx),sp neg retn in a,(c) out (c),a adc hl,sp ld sp,(xx) neg reti
A ldi cpi ini outi ldd cpd ind outd
B ldir cpir inir otir lddr cpdr indr otdr

xxBITxx (CB)

Blank spaces or spaces not listed function like NOP.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
0 rlc b rlc c rlc d rlc e rlc h rlc l rlc (hl) rlc a rrc b rrc c rrc d rrc e rrc h rrc l rrc (hl) rrc a
1 rl b rl c rl d rl e rl h rl l rl (hl) rl a rr b rr c rr d rr e rr h rr l rr (hl) rr a
2 sla b sla c sla d sla e sla h sla l sla (hl) sla a sra b sra c sra d sra e sra h sra l sra (hl) sra a
3 sll b sll c sll d sll e sll h sll l sll (hl) sll a srl b srl c srl d srl e srl h srl l srl (hl) srl a
4 bit 0,b bit 0,c bit 0,d bit 0,e bit 0,h bit 0,l bit 0,(hl) bit 0,a bit 1,b bit 1,c bit 1,d bit 1,e bit 1,h bit 1,l bit 1,(hl) bit 1,a
5 bit 2,b bit 2,c bit 2,d bit 2,e bit 2,h bit 2,l bit 2,(hl) bit 2,a bit 3,b bit 3,c bit 3,d bit 3,e bit 3,h bit 3,l bit 3,(hl) bit 3,a
6 bit 4,b bit 4,c bit 4,d bit 4,e bit 4,h bit 4,l bit 4,(hl) bit 4,a bit 5,b bit 5,c bit 5,d bit 5,e bit 5,h bit 5,l bit 5,(hl) bit 5,a
7 bit 6,b bit 6,c bit 6,d bit 6,e bit 6,h bit 6,l bit 6,(hl) bit 6,a bit 7,b bit 7,c bit 7,d bit 7,e bit 7,h bit 7,l bit 7,(hl) bit 7,a
8 res 0,b res 0,c res 0,d res 0,e res 0,h res 0,l res 0,(hl) res 0,a res 1,b res 1,c res 1,d res 1,e res 1,h res 1,l res 1,(hl) res 1,a
9 res 2,b res 2,c res 2,d res 2,e res 2,h res 2,l res 2,(hl) res 2,a res 3,b res 3,c res 3,d res 3,e res 3,h res 3,l res 3,(hl) res 3,a
A res 4,b res 4,c res 4,d res 4,e res 4,h res 4,l res 4,(hl) res 4,a res 5,b res 5,c res 5,d res 5,e res 5,h res 5,l res 5,(hl) res 5,a
B res 6,b res 6,c res 6,d res 6,e res 6,h res 6,l res 6,(hl) res 6,a res 7,b res 7,c res 7,d res 7,e res 7,h res 7,l res 7,(hl) res 7,a
C set 0,b set 0,c set 0,d set 0,e set 0,h set 0,l set 0,(hl) set 0,a set 1,b set 1,c set 1,d set 1,e set 1,h set 1,l set 1,(hl) set 1,a
D set 2,b set 2,c set 2,d set 2,e set 2,h set 2,l set 2,(hl) set 2,a set 3,b set 3,c set 3,d set 3,e set 3,h set 3,l set 3,(hl) set 3,a
E set 4,b set 4,c set 4,d set 4,e set 4,h set 4,l set 4,(hl) set 4,a set 5,b set 5,c set 5,d set 5,e set 5,h set 5,l set 5,(hl) set 5,a
F set 6,b set 6,c set 6,d set 6,e set 6,h set 6,l set 6,(hl) set 6,a set 7,b set 7,c set 7,d set 7,e set 7,h set 7,l set 7,(hl) set 7,a

xxIXxx (DD)

If the next byte is CB, it will follow xxIXBITxx, described later below. If the next byte is DD, ED, or FD, the current DD (the xxIXxx) will be ignored (functions like NOP).

Functions like the primary table, except each instance of hl is replaced with ix, h with ixh, and l with ixl, except in the case of (hl). (hl) will be replaced by (ix+x), where x is an 8-bit displacement, and all other h and l are unaffected. For example, ld ixh, (ix+x) is not an instruction, but ld h, (ix+x) is.

xxIYxx (FD)

Same as xxIXxx, but instead with IY, IYH, and IYL.


Functions like xxBITxx, but instead applying the bitwise operations to (ix+x), then if the instruction wasn't BIT return the result to the register if it is not (hl). For example, rlc b becomes rlc (ix+x)->b.


Same as xxIXBITxx, but instead with IY, IYH, and IYL.

Additional Information

Most of the instructions have more information here, or click on the instruction.

Primary, xx80xx, xxBITxx: Xeda Elnara, aka Zeda
xxIXxx, xxIYxx, xxIXBITxx, xxIYBITxx: www.z80.info/decoding.htm

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