Macros are lines of code that on compile are replaced with other lines of code. This is extremely useful as most macros compress lines of code into one instruction.

TI-83 Plus Macros

++Equivalent Codes

#define    bcall(xxxx)        rst 28h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    bjump(xxxx)        call 50h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    bcallz(xxxx)    jr nz,$+5    \ rst 28h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    bcallnz(xxxx)    jr z,$+5    \ rst 28h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    bcallc(xxxx)    jr nc,$+5    \ rst 28h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    bcallnc(xxxx)    jr c,$+5    \ rst 28h    \ .dw xxxx
#define    equ .equ
#define    EQU .equ
#define    errhandon(label)    ld hl,label    \ call 59h
#define    errhandoff()    call 5Ch
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