Emulators are computer programs that are almost exact replicas of the hand held calculators. By using these you not only prevent damage to your real calculator, but you also don't have to send the program to test or play, to your calc using TiConnect. Below is a list of popular emulators and the table shows what types they support.

Emulator Name Dl Link Ti 83 Ti 83+ Ti 83+ SE Ti 84 + Ti 84+ SE Ti 84+ CSE Requires ROM Dump
Tilem Tilem X X X X X Yes
Virtual Ti 3.0 Alpha Alpha Version X X X X Yes
Virtual Ti 2.5 Beta Beta Version X OS 1.12 or lower Yes
PindurTi PindurTi X X Yes
CalcCapture CalcCapture X X X X X yes
Ti 83+ Flash Debugger Flash Debugger X X no
WabbitEmu (MAC OS X) WabbitEmu X X X X X yes
WabbitEmu (Windows) WabbitEmu X X X X X yes
jsTIfied jsTIfied X X X X X X yes

NOTE: CalcCapture is more of a program to capture screen shots of other emulators.
NOTE: jsTIfied is an in-browser emulator, so it isn't really a download. It still requires a ROM for legal purposes.

Rom Dumps

If anyone could download an emulator and just start using it, then Ti would be in trouble. That's why you need to get a Rom Dump. This is basically just proof that you have purchased a calculator. There are a couple of ways to get a rom dump. Virtual Ti will automatically get a rom dump from your calc if you have it hooked up. It doesn't always work though and many people have trouble. There are a couple programs on TiCalc that help you receive a rom dump like rom8x, and such. Once you follow the directions from the emulator then it will work for your needs.

Emulator Functions

Almost all emulators have more functions than your hand held calc has. To access the features below, many emulators require a simple right click on the calculator. From here you can normally change the way the calculator works, transfer files to your calc, and change more settings.

  • Over-clock (the calculator runs faster than normal)
  • Screen Shots
  • Animated Screen Shots
  • Change Calculator Skin
  • Debugging
    • Displaying Register Values
    • Breakpoints
    • Disassembler
    • Hex values in RAM

Emulator Uses

Like I said before, they are extremely good for testing and debugging because you can't damage them. People who look at your game or program are going to expect at least a screen shot if not an animated one. This will help you attract more downloaders and increase your game's popularity.

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