This directive is to used with the directive var-tvar-tempvar to create a bunch of labels which point to variables in areas of memory without you having to manually calculate the offsets in memory yourself.


.define safe_ram $CED5
.varloc safe_ram, 128 ; We have 128 bytes of safe RAM here
.var byte, me_x
.var byte, me_y
.var word, me_dx
.var word, me_dy
.var byte, me_s

Each time you use .varloc, you add a new possible area of memory to be used. For example:
.define safe_ram_1 $CED5
.define safe_ram_2 $F000

.varloc safe_ram_1, 128 ; 128 bytes here
.varloc safe_ram_2, 256 ; 256 bytes here

.var 2,   word_test ; Could go in either area
.var 204, big_area  ; Has to go in safe_ram_2
.var 100, other_big ; Has to go in safe_ram_1, now!

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