Tells Brass to add an SDSC tag to the output binary (provided either Master System or Game Gear modes have been set using the .binarymode directive). Version is expected to be in the form x.y (major and minor), the other three fields should either be string constants or pointers to strings. Brass will try to find free space in the ROM and create the strings/pointers for you if you specify a string constant. For this reason, you cannot assume that all free space will have the value of .binaryfill when using this directive with string constants, as one of the SDSC tag strings might have been copied there.

Tags must reside within the first $FFFF bytes of the ROM. Version numbers have a limit of 99 (99.99). Other values will be truncated.


.sdsctag version, title, description, author

Allowed inputs

.sdsctag 1.03, title, "SDSC tag demo", "Ben Ryves"

    .db "Demo", 0


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