Specifies the type of label export file to write. A label export file contains all the labels marked for exporting (through the .export directive) and their value. This can be used, for example, to export the addresses of functions in a library. The label file can even be used alongside a debugger. Here is a list of the modes:

Mode Description Extension
Assembly Assembly source (label .equ value pairs). .inc
FullAssembly Assembly source (label .equ value, page pairs). .inc
LabelFile Binary label file (.inclabels). .lbl
NO$GMB NO$GMB symbol file. .sym
EmukonPatch Emukon patch file. .pat

The extension is only used if you do not specify an export file name, and is appended to the binary name (not replacing it - so binfile.bin will have binfile.bin.inc, not binfile.inc).


.exportmode mode

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