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Welcome to the z80 Heaven Program Archives! We have a large variety of programs available for download, with program filtering and sorting based on genre and metadata, and will accept nearly any programs that you want to add to our archives. If you have questions, leave a post on the forums or read the FAQ. Happy gaming! Based off of the TI|BD Program Archives.

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  • 3/11/13 Revival of site begins! The Cow works on getting site up-to-date.
  • 8/10 WikiGuru restarts work on finishing various pages. Will probably have to stop soon because of school, though…
  • 6/27 Redesigned page look with new theme and table of contents on the top of most pages.
  • 6/15 Site policies page updated. Re-read it and conform!
  • 6/13 Creation of a few more information pages (not finished, of course)
  • 6/04 WikiGuru takes a break with many summer-time activities. Baorder54 stands alone until stated otherwise not alone, but at the forefront.
  • 5/07 Started of bread-crumbs feature for z80-heaven.
  • 5/06 Created templates for z80 instructions, directives, and macros.
  • 4/25 Start of featured articles. Will be changed every week when a site administrator wants to.
  • 4/17 Re-organized website to improve aesthetics and accessibility.
  • 2/13 Moved project ideas over to the program design section of the top menu bar.
  • 2/13 Added Glossary section.
  • 2/12 Baorder54 joins this site as a site administrator.
  • 2/12 Added a section for program design, appendices, and changed tutorials to not be so similar to Sigma's Learn Assembly in 28 Days tutorials.
  • 2/11 Added Advanced Topics.
  • 2/11 Forums now set up.
  • 2/10 Site is created!

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Wikidot: Obviously for hosting this site.
Sean McLaughlin (aka Sigma): For writing "Learn Assembly in 28 Days", the asm tutorial that gave Wikiguru the inspiration for this site.
UnitedTI: For supporting us and giving us help when we needed it.
Ti Basic Developer: For supporting the revival of the site.

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